A Poetic Winter Haldi Ceremony

Wedding Knots - 01 January, 2021

The haldi ceremony is a constant for almost all Indian weddings. Cold mornings, chilly afternoons and balmy evenings -- thinking that the weather will turn worse on your haldi ceremony plans can give any couple jitters that send “chill” down the spine. On top of it, the COVID-19 anxieties plays its own evil part taking away whatever charm you could salvage for the D-day. Keeping the ceremonies dreamy is indeed a very challenging mission for any Pre-wedding boutique service provider.

At Wedding Knots, we promise to make your winter Haldi ceremony a classy affair.

Learn how.

Finding the Best Boutiques for Trendy Haldi Outfit Collection

Finding the best designer bridal outfit along with your haldi outfit can take months of preparation.

Handpicked high-street lehenga choli or designer top and palazao / dhoti? These are obvious choices for the summer wedding -- but what about the winter? A desi princess sari with mustard-colored duppatta or a special off shoulder for special winter haldi ceremonies remain the perfect combination for any bride during the winter. However, beyond these, there are very limited options to match and play.

At Wedding Knots, we handpick the best Indian bridal haldi attire that are stitched keeping your tradition and personal choices in mind. From color to fabric, these are specially knitted and hand woven for winter event, knowing that the evening haldi ceremonies aren’t going to be any warm. Nerves might still flare even after finding the best winter bridal collection for you. That’s why we recommend, you follow the next steps listed below.

Floral Kalire for your Haldi Hands

Don’t let the cold winter afternoons and the limited kalire options dampen your haldi ceremony.

Like kangan, kalire is what makes a bride so special. This is an eloquent bridal accessory made of exotic and vibrant flowers that exude an enchanting fragrance.

You can brighten up the event with the floral Kalire that are one of the most eye-catching accessories which any Indian bride can opt for. These kalire designs can be customized to match your personality and mood of the occasion. What’s more? You can recommend your favorite colors and flowers to create trendy kalire that match your outfit and hair. Crafted on the pristine jewels studded on shiny gold or silver bracelet, these floral kalire can be worn on your arms and wrists.

The hair designers can also take inspiration to intricately wrap similar floral decorations on your tresses and maang.

Props for Haldi Venue

Arranging for props for an Indian haldi, sangeet and wedding can again be a tough ask in a limited time. We can help you customize a wide range of props that you can use to create a theme-based haldi.

From color coordinated lanterns, copper kalash, artificial floral vines, copper diyas to a more rustic looking rickshaw or a miniature buggy or a toy train coach! A haldi photography session can be arranged to impart the most astonishingly good looks using props that match the vibes.

One is a Choice, Two is Luxury

I have heard brides complaining they could have opted for at least two Haldi wear for their event. At Wedding Knot we can help you with a range of “winter” collection that can be well coordinated with your base fabric and can be given a spin for multiple events on the same day or the next.

If you are wondering how to mix and match bridal fittings with the same set of ensemble, then leave it to our curators who can “jack”-et it up for you with some time tested experiments.

My My My --- What a Fragrance?

You can also trust our instincts and experience of finding the best “winter” fragrances for your haldi. You can add these fragrances to your haldi and ubtan, or sprinkle it on your bridesmaids -- we can organise a range of enchanting Indian fragrances that can turn even the most anxious of girls into glamorous confident brides on her D-day. At Wedding Knots, we can organize an extended range of options for Winter afternoon and evening fragrances depending on your mood and vibe.

With Wedding Knots around you no longer have to worry about your winter haldi fiesta being any less colorful than a summer ceremony.

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