Desi Prop Ideas for a Wedding Photo shoot

Wedding Knots - 24 January, 2021

Wedding musings are a candid affair. Much before the D-day arrive in our lives, the songs play in the mind for hours and we often wonder how to recreate the dreamy ambience and landscape in our real life, especially at our wedding photo shoots. After watching a hundred movies and planning as many wedding photo shoots, we have picked the most delectable desi bridal props and ideas for you.

Let’s rock on…

Dance Mania: Unleash the Boisterous Desi Girl Within

Are you a Desi Girl- Desi Girl? Or, a simple plain Jane’s Mahi Ve, or Nagada loving girl? At your wedding, you can hip and hop to your choicest hook steps and we will work with your choreographer to set up the props for that perfect photo shoot.

A svelte and gorgeous bride would dance her heart out on the sangeet and haldi ceremony. But, if you are dance freak, your photo shoot at the desi bridal wedding would be a jaw dropping action-filled event. We know that! Yes, and that’s why, you should opt for a customized Dance mania theme desi wedding photo shoot ideas.

If you want to include your bridesmaids, and mother, we can arrange for a “marigold” set that would etch the way into every guest’s memory for the years to come.

Carving the romance in the Caves

For centuries, caves have been part of our evolution as a romantic species. Much before the social norms were set in stone, caves and cave dwellers had left their feelings and creativity on the walls. Picturesque caves around the world have been looked up on as inspiration for artistic purposes. But, seldom would you find caves featuring in the wedding photo shoots! Plan the most adventurous picnic-themed cave-inspired desi bridal wedding photo shoot with best pre-wedding boutique service providers. From Sahyadri rainforests or Goan cathedrals, to Aravali caves or Buddhist-styled caves, the traditional yet creative bride in you deserves this unique and romantic set put together for your the pre-wedding photo shoot.

Fly High with Indigenous (100% Desi, we promise!) Flowers

Indian wedding scenes are incomplete without flowers. That’s why the most delicate of flower groups for is the best prop idea for the quintessential desi bridal photo shoot. These consist of the indigenous Indian flowers such as palash, Frangipani, Dahlia, Pansy and Lotus. If you wish for a water-side pre-wedding photo shoot, nothing comes closer to being ladled up in a canoe and clamorous colony of white and pink lotus.

Khadi, Charkha and Cotton Balls

Have the farmland prop idea specifically customized for you and your inner Indian soul. There are millions of households in India that earn their livelihood with khadi and bagass manufacturing. Cotton has been, for ages, cultivated in India. When painted with the most delightful dyes and colors, these lifeless cellulose turn into gods ornaments. These props bring out this ethnicity in the real sense. Dyed in precious Indigo Blue, tangerine orange or peacock green -- there are a thousand hues to pick from. The charkha and hand mill ideas would swoon you, just like your groom to be was when you first met!

Farming Romance in the “Love” Vines: A Vineyard Story

Vines-- ahh, we know the magical aroma of the vines and the fragrance that linger on. The best prop ideas sprout from the vineyard themes that have ample scope of improvisations, ranging from sweet champagne bottles to rum drums and so on poignantly placed in the frame in the photo sessions. If you are spoilt for choices, the love vines ideas with balloons, a bicycle or a hand rickshaw or a buggy would complete your dreamy yet classy pre-wedding photo shoot compilation.

50 Shades of Mustard

If you are hung about colors, hear it from us -- Plan the most charming of wedding photo shoots with Jasmine and Mustard hues. There are at least a hundred shades of romance in yellow, and we picked the top 50 shades to grace your occasion. From smoke bombs to ash sprinklers, to poster walls and duppattas and curtains -- arrange for the “mustard” themed props to create the wedding of the season look within a few hours time.

There’s more

At Wedding Knots, we have at least a hundred and more wedding photo shoot ideas. Just let us know with your sweet smile and sweet sign to book an appointment with us today!

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