Get Ready for the D Day with a Fitness Schedule

Wedding Knots - 08 February, 2021

Want to look your best on your D Day in 30 days? Here are some tips! 

We all know what New Year Resolutions sound like and how over few weeks they turn from motivating one-liners to figurative clouds of dust of unfulfilled goals. Fitness goals are never that easy to match up, especially if you have a busy work schedule. But, what good time to reboot your fitness and wellness regime than your wedding time. Use the adrenaline of the wedding anxiety productively by going for a 30-day Bridal transformation for yourself.
If you are nearing your wedding day, here’s a quick wellness planner to reset your body clock and look your ravishing best, blazing with glowing skin, sparkling smile and tummy tucked in like never before. Sounds dreamy? OK, so let’s make it happen in reality, lovely Brides, with these Tips for oodles of weight loss, a healthy body, and a calm mind.

Choose your fun exercise regime

Workout, Exercise Regime, Choose your fun exercise regime

Get Horizontal

Trust me, nothing comes closer to a fitness goal that yields results as quickly in time as this. Yes, I am talking about ‘Pilates’, and there are 250+ different varieties of pilates you can do. If you want to add a dose of cardiovascular exercises, cross-fit, or high-intensity workout, we would still recommend you hitting the plan with Pilates first. From improving your muscle tone to improving your flexibility and posture, Pilates can do wonders in helping you achieve that flat belly for your gorgeous lehenga.

Clap, Stomp, and Run!

Losing the motivation to go to a fitness center to lift heavy? Or, just worried adding an hour of workout would stress you out ahead of the wedding? Don’t worry -- we got your back here-- or, let’s say your feet. It’s not exactly the most innovative thing to suggest but clapping your hands and stomping your feet on a rock and roll music beat would burn more calories than you can imagine. Add a battery of brisk walking and running to your clapping routine, and voila, you would lose that extra weight even faster. 

For your beautiful mind and innerself

For your beautiful mind and innerself, Breathe, Meditate and Breathe some more,  Have you Tried Being a Sleeping Beauty

Breathe, Meditate and Breathe some more

Let’s trust what wise women in our family usually say before wedding plans get underway. “What the mind can think of, the body can surely perform.” Mental well-being is the most important asset of a new bride to be. That’s why we couldn’t resist putting meditation and mind control techniques to your ultimate fitness and wellness goal. Start with a simple yoga technique that allows you to control your racing thoughts. Doing 45 minutes of breathing exercise, followed by simple stretching helps control the restlessness, every bride feels before the wedding. It also complements your weight loss goals, if done under the supervision of a trained yoga professional. If you are lucky to have your “to-be” around you, plan a joined yoga session for both of you. 

Have you Tried Being a Sleeping Beauty 

The number one casualty of wedding anxiety is your sleep. If you are not getting enough sleep anyway, nutrition and exercise wouldn’t work either. For you to sleep like a baby, we can help you with a soulful playlist or even with lovely sleepwear and booty hugs to feel how bewitching music can feel added with some incense and aromatic oils to go with your mood. Yes, this cven an help you ego over the board with your sleep -- after all, it’s your wedding that matters.

You are what you eat! 

You are what you eat, Get on to a Diet Plan that is right for you, Guzzle Up

Get on to a Diet Plan that is right for you!

Time to turn into a naysayer to calories before you say “Yes” to your prince charming! Nutrition is the most vital component of getting ready for the wedding day. Start with protein and supplements to control your food urges. No to oils, carbs or soda, these not only make your feel bloated but also prevent your body from ingesting good nutrition. Worst of all, it spoils the glowing skin on which you have spent months to perfect. If going on a complete fluid diet seems way too harsh for your body, start slowly with salad / soups, fruits, and protein bars.

Guzzle Up

From Day 1, start throttling your bottle -- not the champagne one, of course! But on your H2O intake. The best way to lose your baby fat from around your arms, bust, and hips and to get rid of the toxins that make those pimples appear on every important day, is by adding lime and honey to a jar of warm water. Your morning routine of guzzling a liter of this healthy potion would turn back time on your age. Don’t trust us yet? Do it for 7 days flat and see results for yourself. 

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