Handling Pre-wedding Jitters During the Pandemic

Wedding Knots - 08 January, 2021

If you have made elaborate arrangements for your wedding, things can still go wrong. And the jitters start the moment you think what you want to look like on the D-day. As someone who wants to get married the traditional way the scope of pre-wedding shopping options are limited in the UK, and often riddled with challenges. However, these challenges can easily be managed by an expert pre-wedding shopping boutique service especially during the current pandemic.

Weddings have been around since time immemorial and the way they are solemnized makes a lasting impression for generations to come. However, COVID-19 weddings would be remembered for more reasons than we can possibly imagine. Yes, we all know -- there goes a lot into planning your wedding no matter which part of the world you live in or what day or season you have decided to tie the knot.

And during Covid-19 where we are tantalizingly close to digitizing every bit of our life -- from meeting people online to getting engaged on a video chat – we still cannot only rely on only virtual mode of shopping. Can we? The pre-wedding jitters, that can already dampen a formally conceived Indian nuptial plans, have only multiplied now with the ongoing pandemic. One of the key cause of anxious days leading upto the D-day is related to Bridal and wedding trousseau for most bride and groom.

Bridal and Wedding Trousseau to create your exquisite wedding look

Some of the most common concerns during this time are related to the bridal and other wedding trousseaus that the soon to be married are now fretting about even more.

  • Designer: Which designer to pick?: Sabyasachi, Anita Dongre, or Manish Malhotra. Who will be able to manage my fittings through online consultation and will I be able to get my bridal and trousseau on time?
  • Accessories: Which accessory to pair with my ensemble? What is more suitable, for which occasion?
  • Budget - options galore, especially if you have ideas about your wedding theme and other rituals like sangeet, mehendi and more, still budgets may become a concern

Further, your nerves concerning your trousseau can magnify more if you are marrying in a cross cultural wedding ceremony. For instance, Bengali bride in a Sikh ceremony or a Malayali bride in a Rajasthani, and so on. Jitters creep in when you are least prepared to shop yourself and have little or absolutely no access to the best traditional Indian outlets near you. Hence, if you are planning to tie the knot in multicultural ceremonies, you need more assistance in pre-wedding attire design, fitting and try outs in those settings. It is here that Wedding Knots can help with your requirement and ensure you look scintillating in your designer bridal and wedding trousseau for every occasion that you have planned. We not only help you with your ceremonial and wedding outfits but go beyond to even source the perfect pair of designer lingerie and swimwear.

Further, a dream wedding is not just about Bridals and Wedding trousseau. It is also about celebrating one’s traditions with near and dear ones with all it’s grandeur. During the pandemic the number of attendees in person has fallen which has become another concern for an Indian Wedding that has been synonymous with the big fat wedding not just in number but also in spirits. While we can do little about the numbers but we can surely do much to lift the spirits - that an Indian wedding is about - and turn your wedding dreams into reality and most memorable through range of our other services during the pandemic.

Personalized Gifting for your Guests that will go down the memory lane

In most weddings during the pandemic, only fraction of the guests can manage to attend in person. However, we can still do much to create your wedding experience unique for all the guests whether they manage to attend your wedding in person or virtually through unique gifting options. Wedding Knots through it’s liaisons with multiple gifting partners can offer customized traditional gifting solutions. From personalized souvenirs, invitation cards, Indian inspired home décor items, personalized fragrances to even traditional non-perishable food items for your guests we offer gifting solutions that would remind your guests how eloquently you have expressed your love and warmth towards them on the most memorable day of your life!

While organizing wedding trousseau and giftings may seem to relieve a major part of the jitters there the day’s grandeur in future can only be shared through visual photographic memory, which has become another cause of worry.

Organizing Wedding Photography to create your perfect wedding memories

A pre-wedding photo shoot again becomes a cause of concern due to few other related factors. Most Indian families seek an auspicious date and time – known as muhurat – to solemnize a marriage. Choosing the best date and venue for any wedding are probably the top ‘stress factors’ for any couple as it has always been hard to find the venue sites for wedding even during a normal wedding season. What has now become extremely hard during the pandemic is to get approvals from the local administration. Under this scenario most marriages are currently not being conducted in public event spaces (including parks) but in safer confines of homes or other closed venues. Under these circumstances an Indian wedding photo shoot seems quite challenging.

The soon to be married are looking for memorable pre-wedding experiences through intimate pre-wedding photography session that they can share as memories with their future generations. With limited resources available, there are not many ways to set up a pre-wedding photography shoot (including videography). It is here that we can help you liaison with the right photography partner who can create the ambience and a set up to create that wedding look that you have imagined. An intimate wedding photo shoot can be arranged in a studio or an indoor room or your wedding venue that the photography partner will aim to make as real as you have imagined.

Going beyond what is available during the pandemic to create memorable weddings

While these pre-wedding jitters are common – particularly during the pandemic – they can easily become a no worry with the services we offer. Besides the above services there is more we can do to make your day special. This may include virtual fitness packages or even other wedding entertainment for you and your guests (both for virtual guests and those attending in-person). At Wedding Knots our endeavor is to keep you pleasantly surprised (without jitters!) and make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life even during the pandemic.

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