Stunning Indian Wedding Gifts that are Pretty Lit!

Wedding Knots - 18 April, 2022

Indian Shaadi season is all about the band, baaja, and baraat, and amid this arousing extravaganza, gifts for guests should ideally make a lavish spread. If you are looking for fendy and sassy yet classy Indian wedding gifts online, you have arrived at just the right place.

Check out our collection of lit and regal online wedding gifts and bounties for your D-day that will leave an eternal impression on everyone attending the event.

Aesthetic Bath Collection

Everyone looks forward to a sparkling set of gifts that would stay with them for a very long time. And, what comes closer to an aesthetic bath collection for a wedding gift idea in this era that can induce the recipient to experience a heavenly mood.

If you are planning a destination wedding at a beach or near a pool, giving away a royal set of scented candles, personalized tubes with herbal bath rub salts and aromatic oils should genuinely fit into your gifting closet. You can deck up the aesthetic bath collection with specially designed hand notes carrying your personalized message in your own handwriting or in a script that your guests feel most connected to.

Exotic Chai Package

Indian chai or tea is a world-famous beverage that seldom misses the mark. But, if you are planning for a grand Indian wedding with a lot of Indian guests on the list, picking any tea package would not do justice to your class and stature. An exotic chai online wedding gift package contains handpicked and personally tested specimens of tea varieties that have been shipped from the world’s highest tea baagaans (tea gardens). This natural, finely chopped tea leaves with scented Indian masala is the perfect brew assortment for any festive occasion, and guests are often found to be going gaga over the chai packages we have crafted for our customers. If you are expected tea lovers at your wedding, this exotic chai package idea is totally lit!

Zardozi Curtains

A symbol of the majestic lifestyle, nothing beats the aristocratic and sublime opulence of an Indian gold embroidery curtain set. Zardozi or Zar-dousi is a popular heavy embroidery craft that derives its origin in the Western part of India. With finely and immaculately designed gold threads running across the silk or satin curtain fabric, the curtain collections can enthrall anyone receiving the gift at the Indian wedding. The best part about picking the curtains crafted with Indian zardozi designs is their customizable length and color assortments. You can pick from different styles, fabrics, designs, and contours depending on your own style and taste.

Resplendent Bed Linen

Handmade block printed bedsheets are a cozy choice for any wedding gift ensemble. It has just the right mix of luxury, magnificence, and humility that any guest can ever associate with an Indian style wedding event. Moreover, the linen bed sheets last many years with minimal care and maintenance. Once it spreads on the bed, the gorgeous fabric turns into a lively gallery of class and striking beauty. Don’t miss out on the matching pillow covers though!

Luggage Tags / Travel Booties

People love associating gifts with places they have been to, or that they are planning to go to. What better as an Indian gift for your traveler friends and guests than the luggage tags and travel booties comprising of passport covers, suitcase grips, and personalized nameplates! The travel booties package also contains a scented pouch for your valuables while you travel out of your country. This could hold a good pair of keys, passport, identity card, and credit cards. Pretty handy considering the traveling plans adventurous people often have on their minds.

Tal Paatar Pakha (Palm Leave Indian Hand fans)

Indian hand fans are never out of fashion. We may be living in an era of automated and sophisticated home living, but the magic of Indian hand fans descends onto the gifting plate very subtly. These hand fans are not only starry and colorful in their appearance, but they are also very environment friendly. The handle is laced with lacquer and the main body is covered in a multitude of fabrics, embroidery, and embellishments. If tal paatar paakha seems a little extortionate for a wedding gift platter, try matching these with the Indian mats and tabletops that often form a rather romantic and affluent.

Picking the best Indian wedding gifts online may seem pretty straightforward but if you are shopping just days ahead of the D-day, it could turn out to be an anxious experience, particularly when you know that you had all the time and resources available to come up with the best options possible. It’s always best to pick a wedding gift online because you would have hundreds of different options available right in front of your eyes with rave reviews on each one of them.

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