Turn Your Wedding Into a Cultural Fiesta

Wedding Knots - 16 January, 2021

Inarguably the best part of an Indian getting married in other countries is the option to add a rich mix of tradition to urban culture. You find yourselves swept amongst family and friends and, feel closer to your roots more than ever before. However, with the COVID-19 travel restricted by all means, it is indeed a challenge for the couples to have the quintessential Big Fat Indian wedding. We bring to you simple ideas that can still turn your wedding into a cultural fiesta.

Can’t Wait to Keep Falling in Love and Dance

Indie Pop or Western Fusion or plain Rock music? What’s the playlist of your pre-wedding night and other events going to sound like?

Choosing your music playlist can be an entertaining process, especially if you are planning to jive in with a mix of musical extravaganza and live orchestra. Picking from a collection of classic Indian numbers remixed to turn into fast Cha-Cha-Cha tracks is a cool way to attract your friends to the dance floor especially if you are hosting the party in the UK or any place outside. A groovy set of dhols, tashas and nagadas can be arranged to add more vibrant feel to the whole setting. Your handpicked gown and sangeet attire will be the center of attraction as you graciously enter the scene to the most beautiful dance numbers amidst a flash of smoke bombs, sprinklers and light fireworks.


Accessories for the guests

Your wedding will have many scintillating moments that guests would remember. Here’s one way to make them feel special right from the moment they enter the venue. For example, planning personalized accessories for each guest couple, who would be adorned with a color coordinated mix and match “paghdis” (Indian turban or hat) and “choodiyans” (bangles). For singletons, there are tons of options available. From offering shiny sunglasses “we love the bride” to “dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge” placards, you can plan a hundred things with these accessories to turn them into formidable props for the various wedding events, including for engagement, mehendi, sangeet and pheres. (pronounced as “Fe-res”)

Car Décor with Indian Props

Traditionally, the groom arrives at the altar with his baraat on a horse. In the UK or abroad, finding a horse for baraat and having the baraatis (folks who join the groom’s wedding procession) dance through the crowded streets can be a challenging task. You can still have the groom make a desi entry in his customized car decked up with Indian props and hues. From classy color coordinated cushions and seat covers to open roof top corvette with Indian velvet maharaja umbrella or silky tassels, latkans amd pom poms made of bejeweled fabric.

LED diyas and digital signages bearing the bride and groom’s name on the car add a moment of extravaganza to the whole affair, especially if you are trying to recreate the Indian bandwagon using limited resources.

Gift Cards and Items

It’s special for you… and it’s special for the guest too! How can we miss the gifting options for them?

Amidst the hustle bustle of the wedding plans, let your guests return back to their hotel suits with a pack of lovely Incense sticks handcrafted and blended with the most aromatic scents you would ever come across. Or, the scented candles rubbed on with a touch of sandalwood perfumes. If you are looking for something more rusty and earthly, lighten up the mood with potted Indian diyas.

Selfie Kiosks

Snap time! Click click and click… that’s what the personalized selfie kiosks have been there for ages. But now, you can add a blend of your shaadi magic with beautifully designed metallic photo frames that can be inserted with on-spot Polaroid pictures printed with their favorite moments at the venue.

Different Strokes with Masks, Veils and footwear Make the most of the gloomy COVID-19 situation with color coordinated face masks woven with zari and beads. Add to the oomph of desi feel with customized hand gloves, topis and beaded Rajasthani jackets and jootis. These can be coordinated with the turbans and personalized bangles that we discussed above.

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