Warning! You are Gonna go “Waah Waah” on Your Indian Wedding Shopping Spree with these tips

Wedding Knots - 18 April, 2022

I have been part of many weddings and each had its own charm and magic, but the ones that are stuck to our memories forever are the ones where we go crazy weeks before the D-day, go weak on our knees, and cling to our friends for support (otherwise we risk going bonkers and losing our sanity for we know a perfect wedding is only made in heavens!), and yet never realize that the big day has finally arrived with every single plan falling into place.

The thing I love the most about weddings is the shopping part, which I think is a big part of our formative years. Years of rushing through popular magazines featuring “bridal collection of the month” to choosing the “best make up kits” for the D-day, I have grown up to believe one thing – “the perfect shopping guide for a wedding just doesn’t exist.” Every bride and groom has their own set of dreams and aspirations, and these are mostly realized through the shopping spree/ planning that goes on for months, weeks, days, and sometimes till the last few hours (ssh…ssh, I was shopping till last minute before taking my pheras!). So, let’s take a fun trip to this Indian wedding shopping checklist.

Bridal Hair Judas

Yes, it’s hair time! Judas has been part of Indian weddings for centuries. Irrespective of what you wear, your juda has to be trimmed and set to perfection which makes guests drool. Believe it or not but it is actually impossible to find the most elegant juda for your bridal look if you haven’t started shopping weeks or preferably months ahead of the D-day. Juda comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms, but the most elegant ones are those that are braided into a high bun with a beautiful wave and curled bangs. Rose buns are also very popular that can be set in using your regular rolls. If you are getting ready for the wedding day to slay with your looks, don’t wait to lay your hands on some of the most ravishing collections of pearl studded judas and jasmine laced judas, both inspired by the heavenly looks of the ancient heavenly nymphs. On your wedding day, all you will remember is how smartly you planned your Indian wedding shopping.

Indian Jhumkas

Earrings are the quintessential part of any bridal accessory. These earrings come with antique artworks in the shape of flowers, stars, peacocks, and chatris (umbrella). The metallic look on these earrings matches the oomph of the wedding attire with minimal effort. If you are out there shopping for your wedding event, never miss adding a few to your jhumka collection.

Bridal Kalai Bandh / Bridal Bracelets

A bracelet is a timeless piece of jewelry. By adding a pair of bracelets to your wedding collection, you can effortlessly turn back the time of the event. You can opt for a heavy Kada or a delicate diamond studded bracelet, whichever suits your wedding dress and neckline would mean that you have prepared for years to look this perfect for your wedding. Designer bangles with single row crystals and pearls, rubies, and intricate Indian metal art are surreal to look at and definitely feel so much more royal than a regular piece of jewelry.

Bridal Hankie

Handkerchiefs are a must have if you are planning an Indian wedding. These could be picked straight from the gallery of customized fabrics and designs. Lightweight cotton and satin handkerchiefs are most popular among Indian brides. These are matched to suit your skin type, social stature, and of course, the theme of your wedding day. Indian wedding shopping catalog more or less has over 1500 different types of laced and embroidered bridal handkerchiefs that can also be presented to bridesmaids, and guests and could be used as decoration.

Bridal Bindi

Brow decoration has been part of the Indian culture for millennia. There are different makeup styles featuring bindis and “alpona” – the exotic Indian tattoo made of white rice and sandalwood paste. Now, it takes some real skill to get these done on the wedding day, and that’s why you should shop for these eloquent looking makeup accessories and items in advance. Bridal bindi, in particular, is available in so many types and sizes that it is impossible to zero onto one on the wedding day. The wedding shopping collection for Indian events particularly focuses on the traditional big dots made of vermillion, or velvet chandrakor (crescent), and the dainty floral patterns. If you like something with a metallic look, you could opt for crystal studded high brow bindi that displays the compassionate fusion of Indian royalty and urban fashionista that embodies within you.

So, what say? Are you set to rock the show with this shopping list!

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