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Any wedding day is of course very stressful, but what is more stressful other than the D-day is the whole planning that goes into it. From booking the venue to the wedding dress shopping, things get crazy and continue to get more stressful as the wedding day approaches. The need to visit stores for shopping come close, but most of it can also be done online. It is a good thing that you can do Indian wedding shopping online. Things like party favours, skincare products and small decorative items can be bought online for a better and much convenient Indian wedding shopping experience.

It takes a lot of planning and hard work for the couple to prepare themselves for the D-day. In these situations, the only mantra is to remain calm and patient. In order to calm yourself, nothing else can help than good massages, spa and mindfulness. Speaking of spa and massages, one thing that comes to mind is that the couple can totally utilise these massage and skincare products and turn them into giveaway presents for the guests. They can also arrange massages, spa days for the guests that will help them stay beautiful, mindful and will allow them to engage in the wedding function with zero stress.

Let us take a look at a few self-care products that help you stay fresh, beautiful and can be given as pretty and useful party favours.

Hair Care Products for the Bride and the Guests

There are several hair types (not to confuse with hairstyles) and each of them requires different, specialised hair care products. If you have straight hair, taking care of your hair with the right products is what you need in order to keep your hair healthy and manageable. In this case, brides can give their guests special, customised hair care products. For example, mild shampoos, protein rich conditioners, hair masks etc. can be good presents as well as party favours at a wedding.

Curly hair, generally, is on the dryer side and if not taken care of rightly, it can look messy and be easily harmed. So if you are a curly bride or some of your guests have curly hair, then getting them hair products that are sulphate- and paraben-free and conditioners that are silicone- and alcohol-free would be the smartest thing to do.

Wedding Knots

Skin Care Products for the Bride and the Guests

When a person feels good and confident on the outside, they feel good on the inside and this is what reflects on their mood and overall lifestyle. Skin care is one of those things that a person cannot live without. It helps maintain good skin.

During a lead-up to a wedding, following a proper skin care routine might seem next to impossible. You may just not find the time to for a skin care routine and even if you do you might not find the right products. To take care of these situations, the hosts may provide the right skin care products to the guests in order to keep the party going.

Now, different people have different skin types such as dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, normal skin, sensitive skin etc. Just like you need different hair care products for your hair, you also need the right kind of skin care products that are suited for your skin type. Skin care products as party favours and gifts are in trend now. If you are a bride with dry skin or you have guests who have dry skin, then get your hands on products that contain almond milk, honey, natural oils and elements that provide a lot of moisture to the skin. Products like body butter, moisturising serum, mineral peeling masks are great gifts for people with dry skin.

Wedding Knots

Now if your skin is on the oily side, you would need to purchase products that are water based. Because oil-based products on oily skin is a definite no-no. They tend to clog the pores which leads to acne. Products that are infused with hyaluronic acid are good for oily skin. So for the oily skin brides and her guests, a good cleanser, toner, masks and moisturizers are absolutely necessary. Vitamin C serums are mandatory for those with oily skin, so do not forget to recheck your wedding gift list. Indian bridal shopping online, in these scenarios, would be much easier as skin care products are widely available on the internet.

People with normal skin or combination skin can go with products that are suited for both dry and oily skin. So, getting skin care products as presents for them would not be a tedious job!

Wedding Knots

Customised Fragrances

There is nobody who doesn't like to own good fragrances. Giving fragrances, both readymade and customised, as presents, are on trend nowadays. Fragrances are also available in different shades and notes. There are various types of fragrances such as floral, fruity, earthy etc. These categories are also sub-divided in different kinds of fragrances. For example, sandalwood perfume or sandalwood ittar is one of the few fragrances that work wonders on almost every occasion. It has a deep, creamy scent with undertones of floral, woody and earthy scents. Sandalwood is a marvelous carrier for other aromas. It sets the mood and creates a beautiful fragrance with a lot of depth. There are other handcrafted fragrances too that can be given as wedding gifts and party favours. So, using your imagination, mix and match scents that you like and get an exclusive and unique tailor-made perfume for yourself and the guests.

Shower creams or shower gels can also be given as presents on weddings. These products are used on a regular basis and thus make for a worthy gift. You can also customize shower gels. For instance, you can give your guests a coconut milk body wash. Coconut milk is a powerhouse of goodness for the skin. With high levels of vitamin C and saturated fatty acids, coconut milk helps maintain the elasticity of skin and moisturizes it. It is an amazing conditioning agent for hair as well as body. So, when you're doing your pre wedding shopping, don't forget to add coconut milk shower gel and shampoo to your list. There are many boutiques that prepare customised shower creams keeping in mind different requirements. So, do your research and find out which blend you want to have for yourself and your guests, and place your order accordingly.

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