When you put your heart into a wedding gift, it automatically becomes a beautiful vessel for long lasting memories. It symbolises the sweet bond you share with the newly-weds, it can evoke a particular event or a series of shared moments, it can take one back to their roots. A gift is thus a powerful instrument; something that can create varied yet evocative effects! It must therefore be chosen with thoughtfulness which in turn demands a certain investment in time which you may face a scarcity of when the wedding arrives. If you are rooting for traditional wedding gifts, we can help.

Here are some ideas for the best gifts for weddings so that you can give your loved ones on their wedding day to make them feel important and loved. 

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Going Back to the Roots

Have you ever gone back to your childhood or to your favourite days by looking at a present? Gifts are not just things that someone hands over to you. Each present carries a deep value. Picture this: it is your friend’s wedding day and he is going around in a routine way greeting familiar faces and when he meets you, you smilingly hand him a traditional handcrafted piece decorated with the art from the region you know he grew up in. You can imagine the wonderful memories it can trigger!

You can always give small yet thoughtful things like scented candles, customised organic incense as presents on weddings. They not only portray your sense of aesthetics but can make people realise how much you care about them.

Wedding Knots

Traditional Wedding Gifts

If there is an Indian wedding taking place, there will be traditional wedding gifts for sure. Have you ever planned to give a newlywed a traditional hand stitched dhurries or hand woven bath mats? Yes, these handcrafted products are very reliable and highly recommended by people. You can use them on a daily basis plus these products add to the overall look of a household.

There are other products as well that can be given as wedding presents. For example, handmade mason boxes, vases, and silver home accents are brilliant gifts that can be given to newlyweds on their weddings. These products also make amazing party favours. You can find these Indian wedding gifts online.

Wedding Knots

Decorative Frenzy

If you want the couple to flaunt your present rather than just using it on a daily basis, then do go for home decor products. There are plenty of options to choose from when you're giving a decorative piece as a present. For example, you can get your hands on a good Kiyari Lantern which is an iron lantern that features exuberant hand etched floral designs. Its innate antiquity weaves a historical charm in the room that it lights up. A floral dinnerware has a raw oriental charm translated beautifully onto bone china. We do not know how, but the Himalayan blooms on posh dinnerware sets have the power to transport people to magical terrains too, even if for a brief moment.

Wedding Knots

Customised Fragrances and Perfumes

Giving handcrafted fragrances and perfumes is on trend these days. These fragrances are personalised, handcrafted and made with the perfect blend that you choose. Suppose, you want to give the newlyweds something personalised, then you should always (literally always) opt for customised fragrances. You can mix and match any notes and undertones and take them to a whole new level. For example, you can mix floral scents with fruity ones or earthy scents with more spicy tones in order to create a unique blend. The best part about giving tailor-made fragrances as presents is that you can get yourself a combo of different perfumes. So, do not think too much about what to give the newlyweds. Stop thinking and go for customised fragrance pallets.

Wedding Knots

Think Outside the Mainstream

If you want a break from traditional marriage gifts and want to give your loved ones something that is modern and quirky, there are options available. Products such as leather wallets, watch boxes, glass cases etc. can be given as presents on weddings. These products are a bit different from the usual objects that people give to newlyweds. Handcrafted leather products are sturdy, beautiful and can be used on a regular basis. They can also be customised as per the clients’ requirement. You can choose the colour palette, size and the type of these tailor-made leather products and get them made for both the bride and the groom.

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